Recommended Reading: Peter R. Quinones on the Guyger Trial

Americans live in a police state in which they expect their captors to be exonerated for actions that would put them in prison for life, or get them the death penalty. Libertarian Institute, The Amber Guyger Trial Showcases a Special Class of Citizen by Peter R. Quinones, October 4, 2019.

Anarchast, Episode 481: Dr. Jack Wolfson

The State Is Making People Sick and Attacking Real Health Solutions with Dr. Jack Wolfson Anarchast Ep.481 Topics include: alternative cardiology, holistic heart health, cash based practice, compulsory vaccination, health savings accounts, leaving the easy big money of government/insurance medicine, holism and chiropractic, the Flexner report, persecution and censorship of alternative health practitioners, preventative medicine through healthy living, the big business of creating sickness, mold and mycotoxins, Dr. Jack Wolfson to be at Anarchapulco 2020!

Anarchast, Episode 461: Keith Knight, Don’t Tread On Anyone

Anarchast Ep.461

Topics include: the philosophy of anarchy, rational moral consistency, truth and virtue, the hidden gun in the room, an unpopular philosophy, pointing out immorality, 12 years of indoctrination very hard to undo, finding like minded friends, Libertarians in Arizona, Anarchists in high places, statism and coercion, opting out, the state is falling apart, voluntarism, foreign policy, exposing political lies, wars based on lies, mainstream propaganda evil, Anarchapulco 2020

Anarchast, Episode 480: True Health with Dr. Buckley

True Health – Everything To Heal Yourself Is At Your Fingertips and at Anarchapulco with Dr. Buckley

Anarchast Ep.480

Topics include: the suppression of alternative medicine, healing from chronic health issues, toxicity, parasites and bitter melon extract, chiropractic, allopathic medicine, GM food and glyphosate, stored trauma, G-spot activation, stem cell treatments, coffee enemas, micro-biome, the health and wellness clinic at Anarchapulco 2020 will rock!

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