CIS136: A6, Take 2


Nonfunctioning Blocks Editor

OK, it looks like I may have this functioning correctly now! After some heavy digging, and numerous ineffective plug-in reconfigurations, I finally arrived at the simple checkmark selection toggle box option that apparently disabled the blocks editor during the previous, first attempt at completing this part of Assignment 6.


Enable Visual Editor

Once I found it, the fix was simple. Within the WP Administrative Dashboard settings panel, under the Users tab, and within any user profile, there exists an option to disable the visual editor when creating content pages and posts. This option was enabled in my profile, as I’d selected it last week, preferring to create my content using the HTML editor and tags instead.

Since I do not often change settings within my user profile, I did not remember this setting at first, and instead went into trying several possible combinations of activating, deactivating, installing and removing my various Classic Editor, Guttenburg +, and related content plug-ins, none of which were any help.

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